WDV221 Intro Javascript

Skill Test - Implement Page Display functions

Welcome back! Today is:


  1. Implement the greeting( ) on this page.
    • Use the external JavaScript file to access the function.
    • The greeting() should start as soon as the page loads.
    • The output from the greeting() should display in the div element with an id='greetingBlock'.
  2. Display today's date in the h2 element.
    • The date should display in the following format: Sunday June 17, 2015
    • Create/use a function(s) that will display today's date on the page in place of (todays date).
    • Attach these to this page in an external javascript file.
  3. Update the Copyright statement on the page.
    • Implement a Copyright symbol on this page in place of (copyright symbol)
    • Display the current year in the copyright in place of 'YEAR'.